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Our Team

DiagCor Bioscience Incorporation Limited is a team of smart, driven, and passionate people who believe in using professional knowledge to improve the living standard of our future generation. We work hard together as one group to provide the best services and diagnostics solutions to our valued customers. We are committed to assist each client with their needs and treat each individual with respect. We aim to support a healthier community through the advanced technology that we have to offer. Our people are the primary reason that our valued customers choose DiagCor.


DiagCor is composed of two distinctive leadership levels—the management team and the scientists. Both contribute as core foundations of the incorporation and essential roles in maintaining the operations of the company. We pride in our diverse profile of leaders coming from various backgrounds with expertise ranging from business knowledge like marketing and management, to scientific specializations like genetics, biochemistry and biomedical sciences. Our team consists of members with outstanding qualifications including Professors, Postdoctoral fellows, and PhDs from renowned institutions such as Yale University, Stanford University, the University of Hong Kong, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong etc.


DiagCor's research team is comprised of more than 70 experts in the bioscience field, specializing in molecular diagnostics and DNA analytical tests. Within the past 10 years, our licensed lab technologists and technicians have processed and analyzed over 500,000 samples for our customers. Through research and development, our scientists have also expanded our services to multiple areas including non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), parentage testing, maternal blood Y-DNA detection (MBY), Y chromosome exclusion test (parent-child relationship test, MBE) and fragile X carrier screening (genetic disease detection, MFX).


DiagCor looks forward to extending our service areas by applying techniques such as various types of polymerase chain reactions (PCR) and next-generation sequencing (NGS) to new testing procedures. Through the dedication of an elite group of biotech scientists and executives, DiagCor strives to actively work with various organizations across the world, maintain the forefront of practical bioscience, and promote understanding on biotechnology to the general public.


For further details of our team members, please visit Pangenia Inc (Pangenia Group) official website: www.pangenia.com/en


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